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Green Agate Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet

Stone of the Month—Tree Agate aka Moss or Dendritic Agate

Our beautiful summery and refreshing stone of the month is Tree Agate.  It has green veins on a white background, giving it a cool, leafy-glade type of feeling.  The green veins or dendrites, come from the Greek word “dendron” meaning “tree.” Tree agate is also associated with summer in that it is called a stone of abundance or plenitude.  Wearing Tree Agate  is said to guard against natural disasters and dispel sickness.  Tree agate also encourages strength and perseverance, the ability to meet challenges, and the capacity to see the connections in life all around. Since the stone has a strong calming influence, it is helpful in the relief of many disorder, including those of the nervous system, including exhaustion, the skeletal and circulatory system, and relief from general pain. Wearing Tree Agate was thought to encourage the favor of the gods.

By the way, have you ever wondered why children’s marbles are called “aggies”?  They’re named for the material they were made from—agate.

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African Turquoise Gemstone

20140110_144318I think by now that everyone has had enough winter.  To help us think “spring” our stone of the month is beautiful African turquoise, a stone whose color will remind you of an idyllic time at the beach on a warm summer day.

African “Turquoise” is not true turquoise but rather a jasper that looks just like turquoise. It is mined in Africa and resembles turquoise in structure and shade.

Metaphysically, it is called a “stone of evolution” because it brings encouragement and develops positive change.  African turquoise can clarify expression and improve communication.  It also opens the mind to new ideas and possibilities. This stone is purported to be a good one for offering protection during travel.  African turquoise is also said to attract money and prosperity, while helping clarify one’s intended purpose in life.

December 2012 Gemstone of the Month–Snowflake Obsidian

In addition to being quite beautiful, Snowflake Obsidian has many great characteristics. It is strongly protective and shields against negativity. It brings clarity of mind and clears confusion. It helps you to know yourself, and move on from outdated behavior. Also great at this holiday time, it promotes qualities of compassion and strength and calms and soothes.

Snowflake Obsidian is especially useful at this time of year for its ability to help in scrying–this is, seeing visions. Specifically, visions of sugarplums! And like Santa, nothing can be hidden from Snowflake Obsidian, as it has truth-enhancing, reflective qualities which help release wrong or stressful mental processes, very helpful at holiday time!

Originating in Mexico, Snowflake obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass. It is formed when felsic* lava from a volcano cools without crystal growth. In addition to its use as a gemstone, it has been used in cardiac surgery; well-crafted obsidian blades have a cutting edge many times sharper than high-quality steel scalpels.

In addition to all these wonderful attributes and uses, Snowflake Obsidian is a stunningly beautiful gemstone, with white snow-flake like designs in deep black. So think about purchasing a piece of Snowflake Obsidian for yourself or someone you love. It will bring many advantages to whoever is lucky enough to wear it.

*In geology, felsic refers to silicate minerals, magma and rocks which are enriched with lighter elements such as silicon.

Mary Szakmeister