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Green Agate Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet

Stone of the Month—Tree Agate aka Moss or Dendritic Agate

Our beautiful summery and refreshing stone of the month is Tree Agate.  It has green veins on a white background, giving it a cool, leafy-glade type of feeling.  The green veins or dendrites, come from the Greek word “dendron” meaning “tree.” Tree agate is also associated with summer in that it is called a stone of abundance or plenitude.  Wearing Tree Agate  is said to guard against natural disasters and dispel sickness.  Tree agate also encourages strength and perseverance, the ability to meet challenges, and the capacity to see the connections in life all around. Since the stone has a strong calming influence, it is helpful in the relief of many disorder, including those of the nervous system, including exhaustion, the skeletal and circulatory system, and relief from general pain. Wearing Tree Agate was thought to encourage the favor of the gods.

By the way, have you ever wondered why children’s marbles are called “aggies”?  They’re named for the material they were made from—agate.

See some of our beautiful Tree Agate jewelry in person at one of our upcoming events!

Happy St. Brigid’s Day!

St. Brigid's Cross Wood Trivet

St Brigid’s feast day is this Sunday, February 1.  The date is half way between the winter solstice and spring equinox.  It was a day, much like our Groundhog day, when spring weather was forecast.

Brigid herself was born around 451.  She was raised by converts of St. Patrick. Much to the consternation of her father, Brigid persisted on giving away her possessions, and those of others, to the poor and needy.

At one time, Brigid asked the local bishop for permission to start a monastery.  Observing the Holy Spirit around her, he maintained that God himself had ordained Brigid.  And so she became a bishop and is still depicted holding the crook, the traditional symbol of a bishop.


St. Brigid’s Cross is said to have first been fashioned by Brigid out of rushes or reeds.  In those early Christian times, the farmers adopted the custom of making these same crosses at the beginning of spring to protect their holdings, placing the St. Brigid’s Crosses in prominent positions in their houses and buildings. The tradition of making St. Brigid’s Crosses on the 1st of February, St. Brigid’s Feast Day, continues to the present day.


St Brigid's Cross necklace with Carnelian and AventurineSt Brigid's Cross Necklace

African Jade

African Jade is named for its point of origin. There are two main types of jade—jadeite and nephrite. This month’s jade is


the nephrite variety. Its name comes from the Greek word for “kidney”

because nephrite was thought to cure illnesses of the kidney

and spleen. African Jade is one of the oldest and most culturally influential gemstones, dating back thousands of years.

Nephrite jade is found mainly in its green shade, but it can be seen in

shades of white, grey, brown and yellow. The deep green color is the most sought after for its beauty and value.


In addition to being thought of as a healing stone for internal

organs, jade is also an imperial gemstone, meaning it represents

beauty, purity and grace. Today it is thought to be a stone of dreams

which blesses whatever it touches, as well as possessing restorative powers.

Finally, African Jade alleviates joint pain and fights viral and bacterial infections.

Dog and Cat Jewelry

German Shepherd Dog Earrings

Artists At Heart is happy to announce that we can create personalized jewelry for you or your dog or cat with the following charms:

Dog breeds include:  

Afghan         Airedale      Basset       Boxer     Bulldog      Chihuahua     Collie     Corgi     Dachshund      German shepherd    Greyhound   Labrador      Poodle      Pug     Schnauzer     Scottish terrier    Springer spaniel     Yorkshire terrier

We also have cats, I love my cat or dog, dog bones and bowls, and dog houses.

Pet charm bracelets

New Burma Jade and Yellow Jade

New Burma Jade and Yellow Jade

New Burma Jade Necklace
New Burma Jade Necklace

This month we’re featuring two beautiful types of jade. New Burma jade encompasses a variety of green shades including olive, sea green, and peridot. New jade is a semi-translucent serpentine stone. It is found all over the world. Yellow jade is also a natural serpentine, whose shades vary from deep orange to creamy off-white. It also has a lovely translucent quality.

Yellow Jade Necklace with Pendant
Yellow Jade Necklace with Pendant

Jade has been associated with good luck for thousands of years. It is also thought to help one be “in touch” with oneself. Jade creates balance and stimulates ideas and creativity. It is said to good for the kidneys, nervous system and metabolism. As a “dream” stone, it helps one have insightful dreams. The Chinese believe that its benefits transfer to the body, so wearing it is highly recommended.

African Turquoise Gemstone

20140110_144318I think by now that everyone has had enough winter.  To help us think “spring” our stone of the month is beautiful African turquoise, a stone whose color will remind you of an idyllic time at the beach on a warm summer day.

African “Turquoise” is not true turquoise but rather a jasper that looks just like turquoise. It is mined in Africa and resembles turquoise in structure and shade.

Metaphysically, it is called a “stone of evolution” because it brings encouragement and develops positive change.  African turquoise can clarify expression and improve communication.  It also opens the mind to new ideas and possibilities. This stone is purported to be a good one for offering protection during travel.  African turquoise is also said to attract money and prosperity, while helping clarify one’s intended purpose in life.

Mexican Red Snowflake Jasper

Mexican Red Snowflake Jasper comes from Mexico!  It looks a lot like Orbicular Jasper, also known as Ocean or Fish Eye Jasper.  It consists of warm contrasting dark reds, blacks, oranges and browns.

Jasper has been a favorite stone since ancient times and is referred to in Greek, Hebrew, Assyrian and Latin literature.  According to legend, Jasper drives away evil spirits and protects against snake and spider bites. It was once thought to bring about rain.

Jasper is believed to be protective as well as stabilizing and healing, benefiting digestion and removing toxins from the body.  As with most Jaspers, it offers  powerful protection against negativity and eases emotional stresses.  These qualities make it a perfect stone to wear, and we have some beautiful  pieces fashioned from Mexican Red Snowflake Jasper for you to consider.


Blue-Green Quartz Gemstone of the Month

Necklace of blue green quartz tumbled nuggets with pewter accents

Blue Green Quartz

This month’s gemstone of the month, blue-green quartz, belongs to the family of stones most often thought of when one thinks of crystals. Quartz encompasses many different types of stones in a great variety of colors.
The word quartz itself comes from the Greek word meaning “ice” because quartz crystals were thought to be ice formed by the gods.
Quartz is anenergy stone and also enhances thought. It is beneficial for those who need to store and retrieve information. It brings balance and harmony and can even enhance relationships.
Quartz can be used to drive away negative energy, provide clarity, and ensure purity. it protects the spirit and helps to retain information and aids concentration. It helps to retain what is learned

Health wise, quartz has many advantages. It stimulates the immune system and brings the body into equilibrium. It acts as a cleanser, enhances the organs and psyche alike.
It is supposed to be especially effective in dealing with fatigue, arthritis and depression.

April 2013 Gemstone of the Month – Crystal Quartz

Cherry Quartz, unlike Rose Quartz, is human-made by melting glass in a furnace and combining it with swirls of pink to give it its distinct color and infusions or needles. Because of its soft color, it has long been regarded as a soothing, calming crystal that promotes love and healing. It is said to help clear negative emotions such as jealousy, anger and fear, and also alleviate heartache and psychic traumas. Wearing cherry quartz at night might promote peaceful sleep and creative inspiration. And, of course, it’s a lovely color for a gift for Mother’s Day.